At our core, Light Sketch Creative is a strategic branding and design agency focused on helping clients meet their ultimate and ongoing branding goals. Light Sketch Creative uses years of design and branding expertise to create and focus our clients brand story, brand identity, and branded deliverables into a concise and cohesive visual outcome. The Light Sketch Creative method helps our clients to captivate its customers, elevate market awareness and drive revenue.

The name Light Sketch Creative is a nod to the most simplistic explanation of our production process. We wanted to convey our mission of bringing a transparent, honest and collaborative approach to our clients. It starts with an idea then we use multiple tools to sketch it into a visual product which is then finely tuned into the visual message we unveil to the world.

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Light Sketch Creative Founder / Creative Director Mike Filewicz was born in Ventura, California uprooted and dragged to Sugarland, Texas at an early age where he learned southern hospitality, adopted a chivalrous state of mind and learned how to cook mouthwatering Texas BBQ. Having numerous creative outlets in high school, graphic design intrigued him the most. Studying Graphic Communication at the University of Houston he graduated in 2006 and was immediately hired at IdeaionOne / Active Imagination, a full stack design agency with a Sports/Healthcare marketing subsidiary in the heart of Houston. While constantly learning and working on his craft he spent over 15 years at multiple design agencies and inhouse cultivating a style, creating design assets for companies of all sizes and defining his creative voice. With a lifelong dream to create art, communicate a narrative through creativity and build his own company, the agency was born.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Cohesion, Brand Seen Everywhere!

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